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Shoot in the Foot are a small part time* web design company based in Truro deep in the heart of Cornwall. We offer beautifully designed sites at a low cost as well as professional advice and tuition on how to maintain and update your own site once built.

As a "no frills" Cornish web design team we specialise in building sites that clients can afford. We are flexible, amenable and can cater for a wide range of requirements from you the customer. Whether its a simple template site that you can take on and manage yourself or a more complex Dreamweaver site we will endeavour to provide you with the best site possible for your business or home use.

*I actually have a life

IT Support

IT software that is correctly installed and well maintained can be the difference between success and failure. We offer an additional service where we can check that your IT systems work smoothly and efficiently ensuring that your computer is an asset and not a liability. Whether it be setting up email clients, wireless networks or simply helping you to maintain your own website to cut down costs. Our friendly, responsive, cost effective IT support and IT services are dedicated to ensuring your Pc works reliably. Leaving you free to focus on your customers and growing your business.

Its all about the dogs

Apart from expenses, any fees made from building sites goes towards the welfare of any stray spaniel that happens upon our doorstep (my wife is a sucker for a sad face and a wet nose)

We support local animal charities such as English Springer Spaniel Welfare

As spaniel owners ourselves we have experienced first hand what a special breed they are and do all we can to support their welfare.

Incidentally, the "star" of this page is George an eleven year old bionic springer with more metal in his legs than a scrapyard!